MtnRT (TM)

MtnRT (TM) maps allow you to pinpoint the exact location of your operations down to 1.5 km – 1 mile.   This product shows the values of temperature, rain, relative humidity from the present day out 4 days in the future.

Sample 6 Hour Precipitation Map
Sample Surface Temp Map
Sample Relative Humidity Map



Satellite Rain Analysis

The Satellite Rain Analysis is a GIF image that is delivered twice a day at 0630 hrs and 1530 hrs. The area covered is California and the Pacific out to 145 west.

Ten Day Agriculture Forecast

The Ten Day Agriculture Weather Forecast is delivered as a text file once daily at 0900 hrs.

Thirty Day Outlook

The Thirty Day Outlook is a text file that is delivered every Monday at noon (1200 hrs).

California Ten Day Extended Agriculture Forecast

The California Ten Day Extended Forecast is a text file that is delivered via email daily at 0930 hrs.

Thirty and Ninety Day Outlook

The Thirty and Ninety Day Outlook Maps are GIF Images that cover North America. There are four files that are delivered via email during the first week of every month.
30 Day Rain Sample 30 Day Temperature Sample
90 Day Tempurature Sample
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